Illustrator, character designer and l2d rigger

Commission info

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I do illustrations, character designs, Vtuber model art and L2D rigging and emotesI'm a self-taught artist and streamer with experience in working on designs and illustrations for many private clients and companies. I often share my art progress on twitch where I do nothing but avoid actually drawing.Please keep in mind that most of the examples on the website are 1 year or older so they don't necessarily reflect my current skill level!

Commission prices & info

Last updated: 2023.12.28

Character art

Bust: $600+
Thigh-up: $1000+
Full body: $1200+

The main focus is on portraying the character in an interesting, fitting pose to match the character's aesthetics.Comes with transparent and solid background colours, sometimes with small additional background elements (eg: flowers, petals etc...)
Pricing for commercial use is an additional +200%.


Starting from: $1500-2000+

Illustration composed with a background to convey a scene or setting. It can have multiple characters.
Pricing depends on the complexity and details of the character and background.
Pricing for commercial use is an additional +200%.

Character design and reference sheet

Character design: $2000+
Reference sheet: $3500+

Character design:
- comes as a front or 3/4 view of the character. The back view is not included in the price but may be requested for an additional cost!
- recommended for those who are looking to get a unique original character or outfit.
- A lightly rendered style will be the result in order to focus on the design.The designing/concepting process will take several back and forths with the client, so close contact is preferred!
Reference sheet:
- comes with a front, back view, and any important character elements. Expressions and more props can be requested for an additional charge.
- A lightly rendered style will be the result in order to focus on the design.
The examples below are outdated or just sketches!


Basic emote: $60
Deluxe emote: $80

Custom, 336 x 336-pixel twitch emotes. There's no limit to the number of emotes you can get in a single batch, but references must be provided!Please refer to @Chiika's emote template to get an idea of how I'd also like to receive refs.Basic emote:
- 1 sketch per emote
- minor adjustments once work is complete (colour, line thickness etc.)
Deluxe emote:
- 3 sketches per emote to choose from
- unlimited changes and adjustments while work is in progress
_Larger canvas option can be requested. _
Commercial rights to sell stickers, charms etc. may also be requested!

Vtuber models & info

Model art

Half-body: $2000+
Full-body: $4000+

You'll receive a .psd that is cut, cleaned, and ready for rigging as well as a .png for showcases.Please understand that the cost will be affected by the design complexity!
The price includes 5 facial expression stickers eg. starry eyes, mouth changes, heavy blush, sweating etc. of your choice.
Please scroll to the rigging section to read more about the details.


Design complexity$50-500+
Facial expressions$20
Additional hand/arm poses$75-150
Animal ears & tail$50-150+
Extra outfits$50-70%+
Extra hairstyle$150-400
Large accessories$150+
Nude base*$350
Design fee*$500
Privacy fee*+25%
Rush fee*+50-75%

l2d rigging

Half-body: $2000+
Full-body: $3000+

This is rigging only, does not come with the model illustration. You will need a fully separated and prepared .psd file. The price heavily depends on the design complexity!


Animated expressions$50+
Hand/arm poses/animations$30-150
Animal tail and ear physics (or idle animations$50+
.psd cutting*$550+
.psd correction notes$50 per page
Additional outfit$500-900+
Additional hairstyle$150-400
Vbridger mouth*$450
Tongue out*$100
Cheek puff*$40
Privacy fee*+25%
Rush fee*+50-75%
  • NUDE BASE: nude bases are recommended if you want more outfits in the future. It makes drawing and rigging them much easier

  • DESIGN FEE: If you don't have any existing references, I'd be happy to design the character for an additional $500. I'll require photo/art references for every part of the character.

  • .PSD NOTES: if the artist isn't able to cut and prepare the model I'm happy to take over. However, please keep in mind that the price may increase depending on how much I need to draw and cut in addition if .psd corrections are needed and they exceed 1 page, a $50 charge will be added for every additional page.

  • MOUTH ADD-ONS: Please note that you need Vbridger and an iPhone for these features to work!

  • PRIVACY FEE: I will not post wips on twitter/discord, stream or share your model anywhere until I am allowed.

  • RUSH FEE: please note that the end result may not be as polished as i'd like it to be due to the lack of time.

Terms of service

Please read everything carefully before commissioning me!

If you've commissioned me before and would like to leave a comment about the service you've gotten or if you'd just like to ask me something, visit my CuriouscatI'd deeply appreciate any kind of constructive criticism and feedback so I can improve. You can also comment anonymously.Make sure to read the payment section, as I use Stripe to send invoices!

General info

  • You are only purchasing my services and the .png file to the artwork. You will not receive any physical prints, nor are you allowed to make any profits from them.

  • I hold full rights to the artwork, which means I may post it to other sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon, present it in future art books/portfolios, as well as stream the process on Twitch.

  • You may re-post the image, but you must give proper credits to me, "Beyumi". You are NOT allowed to claim it as your own art!

  • You're allowed to use your commissioned art as decoration for social media sites, as long as it's a personal account and you're NOT making any profit from it! (Check the commercial section for more info)

  • You are free to print out the commission or even make whatever merchandising you want as long as it's for your PERSONAL use only and NOT for sale.

  • You will receive the full resolution file via email or a google drive link

  • However unlikely, I reserve the right to deny or cancel your commission if I don't feel comfortable drawing it or you've proven to be troublesome.

Commercial info

  • The commercial fee is an additional 1.5x - 3x fee of the total price of the commission.

  • The added price is dependent on the type of commercial business you're intending to do with the artwork. eg: is the artwork partially or fully used for monetary gains?

  • When you receive profit in the media where you're using it and /or as a way to get attention ( like Youtube videos, credit cards, banner of personal site, games, streams, etc. ) credit me for the artwork!

Ordering and payment

  • Orders are collected via Google forms. Agencies and companies, please contact me via e-mail!

  • Orders are not first come first served. Each commission is selected based on how well I think I can fulfill the request and whether I personally like the project not.

  • References and a description are required to be included in the request!

  • I send my invoices through STRIPE, due to paypal's high fees and the inability to send USD to my bank account. Stripe works just like paypal, but you pay directly with a credit/debit card. You don't have to create an account either. However if you'd still prefer to use paypal, just let me know beforehand!

  • You are free to wait until it's your turn in the queue since I take multiple commissions at a time.

  • If you don't respond within 48 hours of me contacting you about the commission, your spot will be given to someone else.

  • If your character is extremely detailed, you will be charged extra. This will be discussed with you before sending the invoice. You're allowed to switch the character out if you don't want to pay extra.

  • Do not waste my time by canceling the order if you never actually intended on paying for it! If this occurs repeatedly you will be blacklisted!

  • Refunds are allowed to be requested if the commission has not been started. No refunds otherwise.

Deadline and work speed

  • You may ask for a deadline to be set but please keep it reasonable. The minimum time I need to finish a commission can range from a week to two months depending on the project and how busy I am.

  • If you need your finished piece quickly and wish for it to be a priority, you must pay a rush fee. The price depends on how fast you want it to be done.

  • I will try to finish your commission as fast as I can, however, please be patient with me. It is never my intention to "scam" or "trick" my clients even if I take a long time with their order. I sometimes struggle with my mind telling me what I'm producing isn't good enough for my clients...

  • I tend to work when I feel most motivated so that your commission is done properly and with the best possible effort

  • I tend to need more time if I have other commissions to do before yours.

  • I often stream the commission process on my Twitch channel, so feel free to stop by and give me feedback on your order. It is the best way to work with me there as I can easily change things to your liking! However, please keep in mind that if your commission is considered NSFW I can't stream it and have to work on it offline.


  • I like to keep in touch with my clients and send them anywhere between 2-5 wips.

  • There is no limit per order for extra wips.

  • The sketch phase is the best time for you to tell me if you'd like something changed eg: pose, lighting, colours etc... Please don't be shy to ask for adjustments as I try my best to please my clients and capture the character's aesthetic and personality the best I can.

  • Once the commission is finished I can offer small changes such as colour adjustments and missing details but will not redraw or add big sections to the piece.

  • I will only make changes to the final piece if it was my mistake (missed detail that you've provided in the form)

  • If it's a change you want and I did not have clear, obvious information when you ordered the art, I will not make the changes unless additional fees are paid

  • The responsibility is on you to ensure your order contains the details you want me to follow. I will not redraw commissions unless payment is sent for a second order.

By commissioning me, it means you have read and accepted all the terms outlined above.You will agree to the policy of using the art for personal, non-profit purposes, or commercial use and provide all image credits to me, Beyumi.

Huge credits for @Yoclesh for allowing me to copy and reference her T.O.S
Thank you, lovely oni <3